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You can learn more about Mr and Mrs LS Investment Holdings services by browsing through the product and services web pages of our website on the right of the this page or by contacting our customer service teams. For information about how to obtain specific quality services, please contact our customer service team.

We do property rentals at our premises and getting to a business of leasing for other people as well as you know this property lease business has never been an easy thing for individuals to take it. People give excuses and make them your problem leaving you with debts at times. Feel free to contact us to manage your rental of your investment at an affordably rate. Even if you don't have lease with us ofcourse we are here for your needs, we will still take care for your service request fully.

We are pleased to service all your other service needs at one stop you arrived. As you may have opted to lease property from us or through us, we would like to add value services to you by giving you an option of transporting your goods, belongings and your loved ones with our services. Our vehicles can carry your delivery needs as well as your people transportation. We have learned people stressing of transport when moving to our premises either the one moving out is delaying the one coming in and have seen the need to offer this transport service as well for you. 

We also do electrical work as required, we will do your additional plugs, lights, maintaninance or servicing of existing electric units of your premises to make sure all working and you are safe at your new home or office. In many cases we have experience clients arrived at premises with electrical problems and have to look for electricians. We are here as our clients will fix it up for you, we will dispatch our electrical team at an affordably discounted rates if you find issues and make sure you are at safe premises, remember power electricity is dangerous.

We would also like to give some basic to advanced security measures at your request through our electronics team as a loyalty customer you can benefit low rate charges to make sure on your first day or night you are safe, needs like CCTV cameras, Intercoms, Alarms, remote gates/garages etc and as well as luxury of your DSTV transfer to still enjoy your favorite TV channels as we have learned people on the few days on their move they are without TV at homes. 

We can also assist you moving your communications systems, setting up again at your new place so that you are not left in the dark of no communication to your people or business. Cabling of your network points, connecting and setting up if you have no IT support team of your own we can be of assist. We will do all your cabling needs for all types you require and connect your services back as need them as well same time. Our IT support team is able to guide and help you feel at home or office as we have learn most our people these days do business from home.

We strive to be a one office home solution for your basic to advanced needs to keep you connected to the world with less hassles, no stress or multiple invoices. Keep in touch with us and get fair and professional customer service.

Please browse through our taps on the right for your specific needs!