Welcome to Mr and Mrs LS Investment Holdings website! We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website, and that you will find a lot of useful information here. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and services. You can find detailed information about our products and services online or contact our customer service team for help.

Mr and Mrs LS Investment Holdings is a multi service company, that loves to be a one stop shop for you. Most people to want to ran around for services and have a long list of to do and contact this and that. Let our service team handle all your needs. Please go through our product and services tap on top, browse through and see our business in full depth. As the name says Investment Holdings, we have a couple of business units under this one umbrella and we needs rise for you we act and service you.

We are based in Cape Town and strive to expand to all other provices as business needs grows and demands of services. We are looking at all development needs and continue to transform accordingly as time goes and clients needs.

We are attracting many young individuals to shape their careers by us, giving an oppurtunity to have experience, on the job training and our interest is job creations. We seek for opportunities in many other companies, departments, officials where we can give hand on.