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LS Investment Electronics

We are specializing on installation and maintainance of the CCTV. Our services are to get you on action and we recomment you make your own research on the best system unit to use depending on your needs and budget you have as these services are a lot different at various suppiers but we may recommend where you need second opinion.

You may buy your product of choice and contact us to install for you at your place. Alternatively if unsure we can quote you for the best system we can recommend for your needs at different prices. We do program and connect online for you if you need remote access to your CCTV either by 3G, xDSL Fibre etc

We install automated gates/garage systems at a good rate also you may buy your own systems and trust us to instal for you or we can buy one for you as well. We do full installation as other installers we have seen they only connect the systems with the battery and leave it for your to get an electrician because us we have an electrical unit in house they come out provide the electrical supply connection as a team they leave you with system in place together with our partners they do welding as well were required.

We have DSTV, Intercom, Alarms experience as well and carry those services maintainance and installation for you.

Some of the jobs done